The Majority of Homes Aren’t Cleaned Correctly.

Learn How Now, From the Pros!

Clean Fact or Dirty Myth?

Forget what you learned from Cinderella.

  • Sweeping (with a bristle broom) is NOT recommended
  • Debris and potentially harmful virus particles can be lifted into the air.
  • So, try a microfiber broom, Swiffer or other disposable damp pad.
  • Oh.... and there’s a right way to use these sweepers.
Only one of dozens of common cleaning mistakes you could be making.
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Don’t Risk the Safety or Health of Your Family and Community

Here’s what makes our system unique.

The anti-COVID-19 science behind our protocol:

Some of the key points we explain in detail:

  • Why wiping in circles is less effective than linear wiping
  • Which cleaning products work best to combat coronavirus
  • Why it’s important to clean before disinfecting PLUS additional information, techniques, & recommendations

Answers You Can Expect From Our Cleaning Videos.

  • What is the difference between cleaning & disinfecting?
  • What cleaning supplies should you use (is vodka really a disinfectant)?
  • What you may not know about your bathroom?
  • What is the proper way to wipe surfaces?
  • How to protect yourself while cleaning?

Plus NEW content added weekly

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Don’t Delay and Risk your Family’s Safety

All this is waiting for you:

  • Clear, usable science-based cleaning guide
  • Easy how-to videos
  • Frequently updated articles and topics
  • Safe and effective product alternatives
  • Helpful lists and tips
  • New CDC guidelines
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